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Zhejiang province Ruian city new printing machinery factory is an excellent enterprise specializing in the production of various high-tech plate making machine and ancillary equipment. Carefully developed set of many advanced technology, printer products, good quality, affordable, in the press praised by the majority of customers!

Over the years, we remain vigilant and request, the service do nuances, put his whole heart into the pursuit of customer growth and self affirmation of values and career, adhere to the "open up the market by quality, reputation and development" principle, to all customers as the main target of profit. Years of development to print our production received many customer support!

I plant strong technical force, with manufacturing and sales strength class. Essence of technology and access to domestic products, hardware based products, to advanced scientific management and strict testing equipment, over the years by the majority of the praise and trust of customers.

Our company can also according to customer requirements, the printer manufacture each kind of size, can also provide a variety of printer accessories: imported membrane permeability, temperature control equipment, vacuum pump, UV lamp, various size brush imports, import fan, electric heating elements etc..

Ruian Zhixin printing machinery factory welcome general new old customer calls to plant consultancy. We will continue to work hard, we will do the best printer!